This Day in History

This Day in History (1988): Boy Scout Camporee

Scouts come together in a competition of skills.

This Day in History (1988): Boy Scout Camporee

From the Dec. 14, 1988, edition of The Arabian Sun


They came. They saw. They conquered.


And while they were at it, the 200 Boy Scouts who participated in a camporee on Qurayyah Beach learned self-confidence and teamwork as they caught the scouting spirit.


This year's camporee was different from past years, returning to competitive events with a few new activities to test the boys and their adult leaders.


After a campfire Wednesday night, reveille was sounded bright and early the next day ahead of the competition, which began at 8 a.m. Eight troops from the Eastern Province and elsewhere in the Kingdom competed in nine events designed to test their scouting skills, including fire building, compass reading, first aid, Morse code, and knot tying.


For the fifth year in a row, the scouts from Ras Tanura Troop 464 captured the Best Overall award. Since the feat is a milestone in the troop's history, each Scout in Troop 464 will be given a miniature replica of the dallah (coffee pot) trophy the troop was awarded.


The prestigious District Award of Merit was awarded to Dhahran Scout leader Al Chisholm for his outstanding service to the Arabian District Boy Scouts of America through the years.


Caption for the top photo: Tying three ropes together and getting the end to the victim takes teamwork.


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