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This Day in History (1972): Biggest lift yet

A 900-ton platform took considerable effort to erect at Abu Sa'fah

This Day in History (1972): Biggest lift yet

From the Dec. 13, 1972 edition of the Sun and Flare


The biggest lift yet was carried out late last month when Aramco set in place a new platform, weight 900 tons, for a GOSP at its Abu Sa'fah field. Fabrication of the platform itself and installation of the mechanical equipment, as well as piping and electrical work, was undertaken at Dubai.


When completed, the entire unit was loaded onto a material barge via two sets of railroad tracks. The barge was then towed to the Abu Sa'fah GOSP site, situated approximately 29 miles northeast of Ras Tanura.


On Nov. 24, the two derrick barges, each with a 600-ton capacity, jointly lifted the platform and placed it on a previously installed supporting structure. It was the first time Aramco has employed a pair of barges working in unison to make a heavy lift.


The Abu Sa'fah GOSP is the third gas-oil separator plant that Aramco has built in the Gulf. The other two are at Safaniyah and Zuluf.


Caption for top photo: Two derrick barges lift a 900-ton platform into place at the Abu Sa'fah Gas-Oil Separation Plant (GOSP).


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