Week in Review

Week 22 in Review: Energy efficiency, charitable acts, Aramco ventures and more

This past week, Aramco LIFE took a look at some of our best in helping achieve energy efficiency, charity, investing, and learning through adventure.

Week 22 in Review: Energy efficiency, charitable acts, Aramco ventures and more

Promoting energy efficiency.


Giving selflessly to helping others.


Investing wisely in smart technologies and diverse growth fields.


Celebrating the planet we live through and learning about key conservation needs at Ithra.


These were just some of the top stories over the past week on Aramco LIFE.


Recognizing the best in energy efficiency

Using less energy cuts costs and decreases greenhouse gas emissions. 


During 2020, Aramco implemented 241 energy initiatives at its in-Kingdom facilities, resulting in significant energy savings.


Departments achieving high scores in four focus areas were recently recognized at the annual Energy Efficiency Awards. Winners included the Western Region Distribution, Riyadh Refinery, Safaniyah Onshore Producing, South Ghawar Producing, and North Ghawar Producing departments.


Apprentices roll up their sleeves for food charity 

More than 100 volunteers from the company’s apprenticeship program around the Kingdom have teamed up with local charities to pack nutritious meals and healthy grocery parcels for people in need.


Between April 25 and May 6, 136 participants in the Apprenticeship Program for Non-Employees (APNE) as well as Industrial Training Department (ITD) staff prepared the Ramadan food gifts, which were donated by ITD. The volunteers contributed 855 hours to the 12-day project, with more than 500 meals packaged and 350 grocery parcels distributed to beneficiaries.


Aramco ventures into lucrative start-up stakes as investment director distinguished

Daniel Carter, senior investment director with Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (SAEV), was recognized by industry publication Global Corporate Venturing as among its top 50 emerging leaders of 2021.


Houston-based Carter leads a team responsible for growth equity and venture capital on behalf of the company’s investment arm.


SAEV, formed in 2012 with $500 million capital, is the company’s strategic technology venturing program and sister fund to Prosperity7, a new diversified growth venturing program.


Terra comes to Ithra

Terra, an exhibit created by Arcadia Earth, is  currently being held at the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture — Ithra.


Flying with flamingos, climbing trees with chimps, or exploring coral reefs and mangroves, Terra is education as adventure.


The goal of Terra is to raise public awareness about nature conservation challenges — air and water quality, biodiversity and sustainability — and yet the public experience of this elegant exhibition is incredibly fun and exciting.


Retiree Ali Al-Baluchi offers up ‘Heart and Soul: A Memoir’

Aramco president and CEO Amin Nasser calls Ali M. Al-Baluchi “a role model to generations of employees who have made the company what it is today.” 

The CEO notes this after release of Al-Baluchi’s autobiography spanning 70 years, “Heart and Soul: A Memoir,” which covers the Aramcon’s more than 40 years with the company and another 30 years in retirement.


The company has distributed copies of the book to younger generations of Aramco through the Youth Leaders Advisory Board, so that they may benefit from the rich experiences described by the author.


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