Lights Out

Department Winner: Western Region Distribution Department

Switching off lights provides significant savings.

Department Winner: Western Region Distribution Department

For no cost, and with no illumination reduction, switching off fencing lights saved thousands of dollars.


Aramco’s top 2020 departmental energy efficiency performance was from the Western Region Distribution Department (WRDD), which implemented 16 energy initiatives to save millions of barrels of oil equivalent during 2020.


Responsible for pumping and storing fuel products across the west of the Kingdom through a large network spanning north to south, WRDD’s outstanding initiatives included decreasing perimeter fence lighting at five of its bulk plants, and using old tires to construct a road at the North Jiddah Bulk Plant expansion project.


Abdullah M. Al-Ghamdi, manager of WRDD, said reduced perimeter fencing lighting and using asphalt rubber made up about 55% of the department’s energy savings.


“We worked with the Industrial Security Support Department and the 911 Emergency Center to reduce from one light every 10 meters, to one every 20 meters, and both lux reading levels and the clarity of night vision remained within operational excellence requirements,” said Al-Ghamdi. 


“Transforming old tires into a main ingredient for Jiddah’s new road has significant circular economy benefits, which includes energy savings,” he added.


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