Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Awards winners recognized

Over 20 years, Aramco saved enough energy to meet the daily power needs of 2.3 million houses.

Energy Efficiency Awards winners recognized

Saving energy is a key mitigation action toward climate change.


Aramco commenced its energy efficiency program more than 20 years ago. The wise use of energy over two decades — and using less of it to achieve the same outcome — has delivered the company huge energy savings.


“It’s enough energy to meet the daily power needs of 2.3 million houses in Saudi Arabia,” said Jamil J. Al-Bagawi, chief engineer and chairman of the company’s Energy Management Steering Committee (EMSC).


“At Aramco, energy efficiency involves reducing energy consumption at our facilities, and making sure our new facilities are designed to be energy efficient,” he said.

Almost 250 initiatives


Using less energy cuts costs and decreases greenhouse gas emissions. 


Particularly impactful energy savings are gained when industrial facilities boost the performance of their infrastructure systems and cut energy consumption.


During 2020, Aramco implemented 241 energy initiatives at its in-Kingdom facilities, resulting in significant energy savings.


Departments achieving high scores in four focus areas have been recognized by the EMSC at the annual Energy Efficiency Awards.


Four energy focus areas


The focus areas included energy performance; energy efficiency initiatives; site energy management programs; and talent management, knowledge sharing, and public outreach.


Individuals and teams were also awarded for best energy initiatives in industrial, nonindustrial, and renewables categories.


Despite the global challenges of 2020, Aramco has continued to innovate energy efficiency, including minimizing energy use during periods of reduced production demand.


The achievements of five department winners were recognized, as well as individual and team initiatives in industrial and nonindustrial categories.


Winners included the Western Region Distribution, Riyadh Refinery, Safaniyah Onshore Producing, South Ghawar Producing, and North Ghawar Producing departments.


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