Week in Review

Week in Review: Vaccination push, facial recognition, and Creative Solutions

Company's work with JHAH to establish vaccination centers leads this week's top stories.

Week in Review: Vaccination push, facial recognition, and Creative Solutions
The continuing efforts to stem the tide of COVID-19 again took center stage of the news, but this week, the news was more uplifting as we teamed up with Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare to launch an immunization campaign against the virus.

That, combined with the expansion of the use of cutting-edge facial recognition at company facilities, the launch of Ithra's new Creative Solutions program, the retirement of the legendary Rithan-2, and the company's recognition from Forbes as a leader in the use of blockchain technology, the ninth week of 2021 proved to be a busy one.

Vaccination push begins
Working with Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, the company, aligned with the Ministry of Health, has launched a major effort to vaccinate employees. President and CEO Amin Nasser toured the Dhahran Vaccination Center on Monday to help launch the campaign.

"We have been fighting long and hard against this pandemic, and the vaccination is a way back to normal life, but now isn't the time to relax any of the measures we have in place," said Nasser.

There are six vaccination centers, including Dhahran, al-Hasa, 'Udhailiyah, Tanajib, Abqaiq, and Ras Tanura.

Facial recognition
The company is living up to its mission of being the safest and most secure place to live, as well as making it easier to come to work, through the deployment of cutting-edge facial recognition technology.

Spearheaded by Industrial Security Operations and in alignment with the company's Digital Transformation strategy, not only confirms individuals identity in real time, it can also be used to identify people in photos and videos. 

Creative Solutions
Under the theme "Digital Immersive Content Creation," Ithra's new Creative Solutions program is looking to build an ecosystem of innovators.

Its key drive is to use immersive technologies, including artificial intelligence, and haptics, along with virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, as well as immersive audio. The program will also provide free consultations by engaging them in professional training that will be conducted through Ithra's digital platforms.

A legend retired
After more than four decades of service, Aramco marked the retirement of the iconic Rimthan-2.

Named after the Bedouin guide Khamis Bin Rimthan, the multipurpose vessel sailed Gulf waters since 1979, only being recently retired. Taking its place is the Zamil-601, which will also work in a variety of roles but with a more modern, custom-built purpose.

Blockchain recognition
Aramco's activities as an early adopter of blockchain technology has been highlighted in Forbes' Blockchain top 50 list for 2021.

In addition to investing millions in the distributed database technology over the past two years, the company has been instrumental at adapting it and integrating it in the field and at refineries, as well as in its trading practices.

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