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Six centers designated for COVID-19 vaccination launch

From Tanajib to ‘Udhailiyah, committed to employee health and safety.

Six centers designated for COVID-19 vaccination launch

Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH) has launched the COVID-19 Vaccination Program for Aramco eligible medical recipients, a breakthrough achieved just three weeks after the first planning workshop with the Ministry of Health (MOH). This is a clear demonstration of Aramco’s commitment to our communities’ safety and health.


On Thursday, Feb. 18, the first communication was shared with Aramco employees encouraging them to register to receive the COVID-19 vaccination at a JHAH location. In the following days, thousands of Aramcons and their eligible dependents completed their registration. 


The vaccination program follows the MOH guidance and advice.  


On Sunday, JHAH launched the first four of the six planned phase one COVID-19 Vaccination Centers: Dhahran, Al-Hasa, ‘Udhailiyah, and Tanajib. The remaining two centers, Abqaiq and Ras Tanura, will go live by the end of the week. 


COVID-19 Vaccination Centers (all open by the end of the week) can be found in:
Ras Tanura


On Monday, Saudi Aramco president and CEO Amin Nasser visited the Dhahran Vaccination Center. 


Nasser stated: “Aramco’s in-house COVID-19 Vaccination Program delivered via JHAH shows our commitment toward our employee safety, health, and well-being. Vaccines work hand-in-hand with the basic public health measures — wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining safe distancing — these are all still essential to control the spread of the virus until full abatement.”


We have been fighting long and hard against this pandemic and the vaccination is a way back to normal life, but now isn’t the time to relax any of the measures we have in place.
Amin Nasser



How to get started


JHAH registered

If you are registered to receive care at JHAH, and have an active MyChart account, it is easy. Log in to MyChart to complete the COVID-19 questionnaire to register your interest in receiving the vaccination in a JHAH facility.


MDF or BUPA registered, or JHAH registered without MyChart

If you are registered to receive care at a Medical Designated Facility (MDF), are covered by BUPA, or you do not have a MyChart account, you can complete our online form to register your interest in receiving the vaccination in a JHAH facility. Each individual registering will need to complete their own online form.


Already registered, but not vaccinated?

If you have registered with the MOH, but have not yet received a vaccination appointment, you are encouraged to register with JHAH. You should then accept the first available vaccination appointment and complete your COVID-19 vaccinations with the health care provider, either JHAH or MOH.


If you have questions about the JHAH COVID-19 Vaccination Program, please speak to the JHAH team at 800-305-4444, or visit the FAQs on For specific questions about the vaccine, call the MOH at 937.


Remember, even after you have received the vaccine, please continue to follow infection prevention measures to keep everyone safe and well. 




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