Human Capability Initiative

VIDEO: Al-Hajji highlights programs and initiatives that hone abilities, National Training Centers

“In Aramco, we embrace technology in everything we do.”

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Faisal Al-Hajji

Senior vice president of Human Resources

Human Capability Initiative 2024


If we look at the globe, the average age around the globe is 31 years. Saudi Arabia is faced with a very young population.


About 63% of the population inside Saudi Arabia are young. So we're blessed and challenged to deal with a young crowd that is joining us, which has an experience gap.


We try to address the whole journey: attract, develop, retain.


In Aramco, we embrace technology in everything we do. We have perfected a model; we call it National Training Centers.


This is done in collaboration with government agencies, as well as the private sector, where we have created centers across the Kingdom.


We have about 16 centers: 12 academies that branch into 16 centers.


We also offer bridging programs in those training centers that help trainees to continue to be employed. So, not only do we create the employment opportunity, but we help people to continue to be employed.


We have graduated from those training centers about 60,000 individuals, and they bring along with them about 80 different trades.


And this aligns very well with Vision 2030, and by 2030, we’ll have 100,000 trainees benefitting from those 16 training centers.


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