Human Capability Initiative

VIDEO: Digitally upskilling our people and strengthening their abilities

Two-part approach includes digital upskilling for those moving into new jobs and those who can do their jobs better with new technology.

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Nabeel Al-Jama’

Executive vice president of Human Resources and Corporate Services

Human Capability Initiative 2024


We are witnessing disruptive developments in digitalization.


People and AI bring different strengths to the table. AI is more likely to augment employees rather than replace them. So building new capabilities for our people is the top talent issue.


As a Vision Partner of the Human Capability Development Program, Aramco is committed to playing its part in powering an era of growth in Saudi Arabia.


Within Aramco, our achievements have been driven by our people. That will be true in the years to come as well.


We offer them a journey of life learning, regardless of their career path, professional discipline, or area of the business.


Our approach in this area has two parts.


First, digital reskilling for those who need to move into a new area of the business, should technology impact their existing role.


And second, digital upskilling for those who can complete their current roles more effectively with new technology.


A great example is safety. Until recently, our safety inspectors conducted in-person inspections, exposing them to a certain degree of risk.


Now, digital upskilling is retraining these inspectors as drone pilots, reducing risk while improving inspection reach and reliability.


Ladies and gentlemen, companies or institutions cannot drive success on their own. That’s why it’s exciting to see a philosophy of partnership and sustained focus on people-power spreading like a tidal wave throughout the Kingdom.


Because only by embracing cooperation and collaboration can we realize the full potential of our people and, indeed, the full potential of our beloved nation.


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