Memorabilia Campaign

Sharing our history: Aramco launches memorabilia campaign

Company calls on employees, retirees, and others to help preserve our corporate heritage.

Sharing our history: Aramco launches memorabilia campaign

This year, Aramco is launching a campaign, seeking donations of company related assets from current and former employees. These donations could include old photographs, medals, documents, or equipment, and will form part of the collections maintained by the company’s central corporate archive, the Aramco Archive & Records Center.


Some of the objects or documents that have played a role in our working lives can help to tell our story, and the Aramco Archive is the entity that gathers and preserves those. 

Fully digital

When fully operational, the Aramco Archive & Records Center will not only store and preserve the company’s historical documents and artifacts; it will give employees and external researchers the ability to understand the path that Aramco’s pioneer generation took to bring the company to its present state as a global energy and chemicals leader.


The archive will use the latest technology in archival and collections management, digitization and digital asset management, and online search and discovery platforms to allow users to search across millions of items online. All of this work will be completed to international archiving standards, making this archive something Aramco and Saudi Arabia can truly be proud of.

Memorabilia campaign

Just as the company’s history continues to grow and change over the coming years, the Aramco Archive & Records Center will grow and change with it. In that sense, the current Memorabilia Campaign is just the beginning of a process, creating and capturing the living memory of what is certainly one of the most important companies of our times. 


For those interested in taking part, click here.


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