Lower-emission Pathways

VIDEO: How do we aim to support the transition toward lower-emission pathways?

Carbon capture, mangrove plantations, hydrogen advancements, and more are part of our efforts.

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We collaborate with our partners to explore emerging technologies and solutions to help support transformation in global markets in three key areas:


  • The energy transition
  • The mobility transition
  • And the materials transition


The energy transition requires the adoption of technologies and solutions that help sectors lower their emissions.


We continue to invest in solutions and develop technologies that could support the energy transition, such as:


  • Carbon capture, utilization, and storage
  • Hydrogen as a potential fuel of the future
  • And nature-based solutions like planting mangroves


The mobility transition refers to the long-term shift toward more efficient vehicles in an effort to reduce the emissions associated with the transportation sector.


We aim to help develop technologies which contribute to the mobility transition, including:


  • Lower-emission fuels like advanced fuels
  • Mobile carbon capture
  • And more efficient engines

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