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VIDEO: President and CEO at Energy Intelligence Forum

Amin Nasser speaks on how we can shape solutions that help ensure more sustability and global energy security at the Energy Intelligence Forum.

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Amin Nasser, president and CEO at the Energy Intelligence Forum 2023


We are working on a lot of energy projects as a company as part of the transition, like renewables, hydrogen, and all of that. But they need to go in parallel, and we need to adjust the mix as we go forward.


We need to continue to invest in conventional energy while decarbonizing conventional energy and making it more efficient.


We need to build the new, which is solar, wind, hydrogen, and other alternatives.


What needs to happen is the focus should be be on emissions.The idea is we need to reduce emissions, build more carbon capture and storage, and create more efficient production systems that will help us to reduce our emissions.


The industry can really help and contribute to that. 


We are also shifting more liquids to chemicals across the world. If you look at one megawatt of renewable, it will require seven to 11 tons of chemical products. 


The growth of chemicals over the long term is needed. One of our strategies is shifting 4 million barrels into liquids-to-chemicals by 2030.


We are looking at using some of our gas for blue hydrogen. We are building one of the biggest carbon capture and storage projects with a 9 million tons of carbon capture and storage capacity. 


About 60% to 70% of our investment of the 12 centers we have globally is focused on sustainability. And we will continue to lead because of the projects that we have in the pipeline to continue to reduce our methane and CO2 emissions to maintain energy affordability and security in order for us to reach our sustainable aspiration of net zero by 2050.


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