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This Day in History (1952): Intermediate Camps to open in Dhahran and Ras Tanura

Saudi intermediates first to occupy new quarters.

This Day in History (1952): Intermediate Camps to open in Dhahran and Ras Tanura

From the Sept. 17, 1952, edition of the Arabian Sun and Flare, P. 1 and P. 2

It will be no news to local folks that Aramco has been building new camps for Saudi Intermediates and other Intermediate employees.

What is news i s that the Dhahran and Ras Tanura Districts will open their residential areas on Oct. 1. Abqaiq Intermediate people have been living in their new quarters for some months past.

These camps — and they are complete camps — include many innovations, representing a long step forward in living standards and personal comforts. Among the conveniences provided for the comfort and relaxation of the residents are air-cooled cafeterias, recreational halls, canteens, and cash offices. patios, tennis courts, bocce ball courts, and movie theaters are also provided for leisure-time activities.

The cafeterias are handsomely equipped with specially designed serving counters that include all the modern gadgets. This equipment was built to specification in England, and is constructed of stainless steel, white-enameled steels, and glass.

Abqaiq and Ras Tanura have two such counters, each serving two large, separate dining rooms. Dhahran has two at present, and will shortly have four, serving eight dining rooms.

The separate rooms enable various groups to eat together under congenial circumstances. Customer flow is efficiently channeled to avoid congestion. Menus are designed to satisfy Middle Eastern European tastes. Dining rooms are air-cooled for comfort on the hottest days.

There is more shiny new stainless steel and white enamel in the air-conditioned Recreation Halls, where snack bars are equipped to serve a wide variety of light refreshments. Not the least of these is "cafe espresso," or coffee tailored to the European taste, made in special urns bought in Italy. 

Other attractions in the Recreation Halls are libraries, lounge rooms, billiards, and game rooms. Snack bar service is available on the patios.

Caption for top photo: Living quarters in the new intermediate camps are contained in U-shaped courts, with each of the 12 rooms, housing a maximum of 24 men, opening onto the court. The open end of the court is screened form the street by a low wall. This typical dormitory unit is in Abqaiq.

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