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This Day in History (1978): School enrollment tops 2,000

"It's our biggest enrollment by far."

This Day in History (1978): School enrollment tops 2,000

From the Sept. 13, 1978, edition of The Arabian Sun

It was back to reading, writing, arithmetic, and such newly added subjects as health education when approximately 2,200 children arrived at the Aramco Schools on Saturday morning, Sept. 9, to begin the first day of the fall trimester.

"It's our biggest enrollment by far," says superintendent of schools J.W. DeWaard, noting that the number of pupils has increased by almost one-third since September of last year.

Some of the increased enrollment is due to the opening of a new Aramco School in 'Udhailiyah, formerly serviced by a Saudi Arabian International School, but much of it was due to growth within the established Aramco communities of Abqaiq, Dhahran, and Najmah.

In Abqaiq, enrollment increased from 225 pupils last September to 397 this year, or about 50 percent. In Dhahran primary school, enrollment went up from 430 to 530, intermediate school enrollment from 305 to 390, and junior high enrollment from 296 to 351. The Najmah School enrollment jumped from 295 to 497. And in 'Udhailiyah, enrollment literally tripled, with the number of pupils increasing from 28 last year to 85 this year.

Caption for top photo: Their "Hi" was a trifle shy, but tentative smiles appeared as these fledgling pupils decided school was a good place to be as 115 kindergartners inaugurated the new Primary School Building.

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