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This Day in History (1974): New launches readied for Ju'aymah Service

"Khurais I" and "Janah I" join Aramco's fleet of 42 working vessels.

This Day in History (1974): New launches readied for Ju'aymah Service

Two specialized craft have recently been added to Aramco's versatile fleet of 42 working vessels. "Khurais I" and "Janah I" are the first of a fleet of mooring launches to be used for single-line mooring of tankers at Ju'aymah.


The launches will work as a team, securing the tanker to a single buoy and attaching floating hoses to her manifolds. The new procedure will enable tankers to be loaded offshore in deep water.


"Khurais I" and "Janah I" were built at the Damen shipyard in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Holland. They arrived in the Port of Dammam on Aug. 7 after a six-week voyage around the Cape of Good Hope as deadweight cargo on the deck of a freighter.


The vessels have been stationed since that time in Ras Tanura for a training period with their all-Saudi crews. They will be placed on station in Ju'aymah in mid-September.


Caption for top photo: "Khurais I" trains with her all-Saudi crew in the waters off Ras Tanura for the specialized task of preparing tankers for offshore loading at Ju'aymah.


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