Energy Efficiency

VIDEO: How can energy efficiency support a lower-carbon future?

Our energy efficiency program, which started in 2000, has evolved to include several initiatives.

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How can energy efficiency support a lower-carbon future?


As part of our ambition to achieve net-zero Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across wholly-owned operated assets by 2050, we identify and focus on five key pillars


  • Energy efficiency (up to 11 million CO2e)
  • Flaring and methane (up to 1 million CO2e)
  • Renewables (up to 14 million CO2e)
  • Carbon capture (up to 11 million CO2e)
  • Carbon offsets (up to 16 million CO2e)


(MMtCO2e = million metric tons CO2 equivalent)



We aim to reduce energy consumption at facilities, design new facilities to be energy efficient, and promote energy efficiency in the Kingdom.


We started an energy efficiency management program in 2000, which evolved through the implementation of several energy efficiency initiatives.


We plant on developing the program further through:


  • Upgrading simple gas turbines with more efficient combined cycle systems.
  • Implementing advanced digital solutions to improve energy efficiency performance.


We aim to help meet the world’s growing energy demands while working toward exploring pathways to support a lower-carbon future.


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