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This Day in History (1972): Badminton round-robin

The first tournament in the second half of 1972 turns out to be a good one.

This Day in History (1972): Badminton round-robin

From the Aug. 9, 1972, edition of The Arabian Sun

The Dhahran Badminton Club showed fresh signs of life last Thursday morning following the annual midsummer post-tournament slump. The occasion was the first round-robin tournament for the second half of 1972.


Every team entered in the three groups won at least one game. In Group 1, M.N. Tamimi came back from vacation and drew Diane McKinnon as a partner to go through the day as unbeaten and untied but at least scored upon champions.


Mahboob Ashghar and Paul Cunha started slowly as a new partnership but worked out the kinks quickly enough to win the Group 1 consolation.


In Group 2, Peter Argyle of Airwork and Mohammed Ibrahim also came through unbeaten although carried to overtime three times in the finals against Afzal Meer and Marilyn Stevens. Russ Miskow and bill Sharp squeezed out overtime consolation victory here.


Group 3 was no tamer with R. Thair and Helmut Meier taken into overtime to beat M. Eunice and Annie Oflazian. Arnold Nazareth and M. Babri could not keep the shuttle int he court early in the day but finally found the range to clinch the consolation.


Following resurfacing of the school gymnasium floor this month, the next round-robin is planned for the first weekend in September.


Caption for top photo: Group 1 players Diane McKinnon and M.N. Tamimi, in the foreground, in action against Mahboob Ashghar and Paul Cunha in the Dhahran Badminton Round-Robin Tournament. McKinnon and Tamimi won the 17-14, 15-4, and the championship, with Ashghar and Cunha ending up in the consolation spot.


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