International Mangrove Day

VIDEO: Happy International Mangrove Day — how our planting efforts reach the world

Through our mangrove initiatives, we plant seedlings across the globe as part of our efforts to enhance biodiversity and contribute to a lower-carbon future.

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Mangroves contribute to removing carbon from the atmosphere by acting as CO2 sinks.


They store carbon in their roots and benefit the biodiversity around them.


These resilient trees thrive throughout the tropics and sub-tropics growing as far south as New Zealand and as far north as Duba in Saudi Arabia.


We currently plant millions of mangrove seedlings in the Kingdom and beyond.


In Saudi Arabia:


  • Duba
  • Yanbu’
  • Jazan
  • Tarout Bay
  • Abu Ali Island
  • Ras Tanura
  • Jubail


Around the world:


  • Malaysia (Tanjung Surat)
  • Singapore
  • China (Xiamen)
  • Kenya (Gazi Bay)


Through our mangrove initiatives, we aim to support mangrove forestation efforts in the areas we operate to contribute to a lower-carbon future.


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