VIDEO: How can we utilize CCS to support a lower-carbon future?

At Aramco, we focus on five key pillars to drive us toward our ambition to achieve net zero Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

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How can carbon capture and storage (CCS) support a lower-carbon future?


As part of our ambition to achieve net zero Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across wholly-owned operated assets by 2050.


We identify and focus on five key pillars:


  • Energy efficiency (up to 11 million CO2e)
  • Flaring and methane (up to 1 million CO2e)
  • Renewables (up to 14 million CO2e)
  • Carbon capture (up to 11 million CO2e)
  • Carbon offsets (up to 16 million CO2e)


(MMtCO2e = million metric tons CO2 equivalent)


We believe capturing and storing, and where possible, reusing CO2 has the potential to support reducing global emissions.


We aim to develop CCS capacity to capture up to 11 MMtCO2 annually by 2035.


As part of our efforts toward that goal, we announce our world-scale CCS hub in Jubail, one of the largest globally.


The hub is expected to capture annually:


  • 9 MMtpa of CO2 by 2027
  • 11MMtpa of CO2 by 2035


to help meet the world’s growing energy demand while working to reduce GHG emissions.


We continue working toward enabling pathways to support a lower-carbon future.


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