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This Day in History (1961): Home Ownership Program marks 10th anniversary

Over the past decade, more than 3,000 Saudis have been able to obtain their own home under the program.

This Day in History (1961): Home Ownership Program marks 10th anniversary

From the July 26, 1961, edition of the Sun and Flare

Aramco's Home Ownership Program has turned 10 years old. On July 17, 1951, Loan Agreement No. 1 for SR 15,500 was signed in Dhahran by a Saudi employee planning to buy a house in South al-Khobar.


Over the decade since, the Home Ownership Division of the Arab Development Department has made 3,428 loan agreements, enabling 3,090 Saudi employees to obtain homes of their own.


An additional 200 currently have new houses in various stages of completion. The company has committed a total SR 102,100,000 for financial assistance to employees participating in the plan.


From South al-Khobar, the sites of houses acquired under the Home Ownership Program have spread to every area where Aramco has its operations. More than half of their owners live in or near al-Khobar and Dammam.


Over 500 Ras Tanura employees have acquired Home Ownership houses in Rahimah Town, and Madinat-Abqaiq has been chosen by 150 employees who work in Abqaiq District.


A growing number of employees are selecting sites for buying or building homes in such locations as al-Hasa Oasis, Saihat, Qatif, Safwa, Tarut Island, and Jubail.


Caption for top photo: Rahima Town, where more than 500 Saudi company employees working in Ras Tanura have built their own homes, is typical of many local communities that have grown rapidly since Aramco launched its Home Ownership Program 10 years ago. The first house was started here in 1953.


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