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This Day in History (1979): Sulfur recovery facilities operating at Berri Gas Plant

The facility is the first of three gas treatment plants to be completed, with the other two at Shedgum and ‘Uthmaniyah.

This Day in History (1979): Sulfur recovery facilities operating at Berri Gas Plant

From the July 25, 1979, edition of The Arabian Sun

The first module of a two-module sulfur recovery plant went on stream July 13 at the Berri Gas Plant, located a few kilometers west of Jubail.


The Berri plant, a gas collection and compression center, is the forerunner in basic design and principle for the Saudi Government's Gas Program and is the first of three major gas treatment plants to be completed: the other two are being constructed at Shedgum and 'Uthmaniyah.


The plant at Berri processes "sour" gas produced in association with oil from the Berri field. Berri crude oil flows into Berri Gas-Oil Separator Plants (GOSPs) 1 and 2, which are located near the plant, and into Berri GOSPs 3 and 4, which are located on Abu 'Ali Island.


After processing at the GOSPs, the gas and liquid condensate are routed to the Berri Gas Plant via separate pipelines running from the GOSPs.


Incoming as is "sweetened" at the plant by the removal of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. The resultant stream of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide is then fed to the sulfur recovery facilities, where almost al the hydrogen sulfide is converted to sulfur.


"Now that the first module of the sulfur recovery plant is operating, we are recovering about 700 long tons of sulfur per day," said Ray Henderson, superintendent of Berri Gas Operations.


"When both modules are operation," he said. "the design capacity will be approximately 1,400 long tons of sulfur per day."


The produced sulfur is currently being stored in a blocking and storage area just west of the plant.


Caption for top photo: A section of the new sulfur recovery facilities at the Berri Gas Plant.


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