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This Day in History (1963): Wind Whipped blaze Hits Thuqbah's suq

Fourteen dwellings and numerous shops were lost in the fire.

This Day in History (1963): Wind Whipped blaze Hits Thuqbah's suq

From the July 10, 1963, edition of the Sun and Flare

A large fire whipped by strong northerly winds destroyed a four-block area in the suq section of Thuqbah Sunday afternoon.


The blaze started in a wood frame house and quickly spread to three nearby dwellings. The immediate cause of the fire has not been determined.


Sparks and burning timber, carried across a wide street by the wind, spread the fire to the southeasterly edge of the community in a block-wide path of destruction.


Fire equipment from al-Khobar and Dhahran Airfield, assisted by pumpers and water tank trucks from Aramco, fought the blaze until after 6 p.m.


According to preliminary estimates, at least 14 dwellings were destroyed. An undetermined number of small shops were also lost.


No casualties were reported.


Caption from the top: Fire-fighting equipment from al-Khobar, the Dhahran Airfield, and Dhahran fight the fire that broke out Sunday afternoon in the Thuqbah suq area.


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