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This Day in History (1975): Just Like the Old Shell Game

Originally to be dismantled for a Seawater Flash Evaporator, a massive diesel tank was relocated.

This Day in History (1975): Just Like the Old Shell Game

From the July 9, 1975 edition of The Arabian Sun

Sound as a drum but doomed for the scrap heap because it stood in the path of construction of a new Seawater Flash Evaporator, Tank 139 at the Ras Tanura Refinery last month got a new lease on life.


The 18,000-barrel diesel tank was just a stone's throw from Tank 118, a 15,000-barrel neighbor recently found to be beyond repair and scheduled for tear-down and rebuilding.


A major portion of the cost was saved by relocating Tank 139 in its place. The Refinery and Terminal Maintenance Department was assigned responsibility for the relocation; two cranes, a Lorian 9115, and a Manitowoc 400, were used to load and offload the 60-ton tank.


Land Transportation provided the Kenworth tractor and Lowboy used for the short haul.


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