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This Day in History (1978): 'Great Republic' Joins Fleet As Supply, Training Vessel

The new boat will be manned by a crew of 28; eight regular sailors (including four officers) who will act as instructors, and 20 seamen training to be captains or engineers.

This Day in History (1978): 'Great Republic' Joins Fleet As Supply, Training Vessel

From the June 21, 1978, edition of The Arabian Sun

The "Great Republic" that sailed into Ras Tanura last month bears little physical resemblance to her famous forebear, but to apprentice seamen who will sail her, she is every bit as romantic as the vessel after which she was named.


The original "Great Republic" was one of the legendary clipper ships that plied the 19th century routes from east to west.


"It's common to name new boats after well-known vessels of the past," says Captain Ralph Langan of the Marine Department, adding that the new "Great Republic" incorporates many amenities unheard of in the days of the clipper ships (air-conditioning and 2,000 hp engines among the), not to mention fittings that make this vessel particularly well suited to the dual function she will fill — commissary vessel and training vessel.


According to Marine Department spokesman Barry Clark, the new "Great Republic" will be manned by a crew of 28 -- eight regular sailors including four officers who will also act as instructors, and 20 seamen training to be captains or engineers. The seamen are the advanced students in a group of 200 Saudis trained by the Marine Department each year.


In her new dual role the "Great Republic" will depart from the West Pier each Tuesday carrying supplies and crews (normal crew assignments are 14 days on ship, seven days off) to offshore drilling rigs, platforms, GOSPs, and boats at sea.


Caption for top photo: The "Great Republic" awaits delivery of supplies destined for various offshore locations.


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