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This Day in History (1975): Degrees are Awarded to 147 at UPM Graduation Ceremony

The ceremony was the first after the school became a university.

This Day in History (1975): Degrees are Awarded to 147 at UPM Graduation Ceremony

From the June 18, 1975, edition of The Arabian Sun

One hundred forty-seven graduates including the first earning master's degrees from the College of Advanced Studies received their diplomas int he fourth commencement ceremony to be held at the nearby institution, formerly the College of Petroleum and Minerals, which this year became a university.


HE Shaykh Ahmed Zaki Yamani, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and Chairman of the University Board of Trustees, made the presentations at the climax of the evening exercises held in the gymnasium of the north campus.


Dr. Bakr 'Abd Allah ibn Bakr, Rector of the University, and faculty members led the academic parade, followed by the degree candidates who wore over their traditional Arabian attire the academic cowls denoting their fields of study.


Yahya al-Yahya, the first speaker and recipient of a degree in engineering systems, presented a message of appreciation to the Rector and faculty on behalf of all graduates, pledging to them to shoulder the responsibilities that now lie ahead.


Bakr responded with words of congratulations, briefly reviewing the history of the institution, the formation of its various divisions, and its development from college to university.


He noted the attention the late King Faysal gave to the school and to its ever-increasing role in the education activity of the Kingdom.


Shaykh Yamani also paid tribute to the late King, under whose Royal Decree the school was founded in 1964.


Caption for top photo: In his capacity as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Petroleum and Minerals, HE Shaykh Ahmed Zaki Yamani, left, awards diplomas at the 1975 graduation ceremony. He is pictured with Dr. Bakr 'Abd Allah ibn Baker, Rector of the University.


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