President’s Excellence Awards 2023

Celebrating 90 years of Excellence and the 2023 President’s Excellence Award winners

President and CEO Amin Nasser lauds employees’ spirit of accomplishment that began with the drilling of Well No. 7 and continues through today.

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Across its 90-year history, Aramco has been driven by a spirit of excellence. 


We see that spirit of excellence in the stubborn crews who drilled deeper to discover oil at Dammam Well No. 7; the discovery of the world’s largest onshore oil field at Ghawar; the discovery of the world’s largest offshore field at Safaniyah; the creation of the Master Gas System that has helped power the Kingdom’s growth and Aramco’s diversification into petrochemicals; and the utilization of big data and Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies in our plants and facilities today. 


The continual drive for improvement is the key to the company’s success, with a direct and measurable impact on Aramco’s reliability and profitability. And it was this spirit of excellence that was recognized recently at the 2023 President’s Excellence Awards in Dhahran. 

In congratulating the winners from across the company’s business and service lines, president and CEO Amin Nasser said that honoring innovative organizations will help the company meet its business objectives and thrive for generations to come. 


“Excellence has driven our progress for 90 years, and as we embark on a new chapter in Aramco’s history, excellence will remain essential to our success,” Nasser said. “There are many challenges ahead. We know that we need to further reduce emissions, develop the right technologies to meet global energy needs sustainably, and continue to diversify into related industries like petrochemicals — as well as venture into new areas and emerging technologies outside our core business. All of this demands our excellence and that we harness the pioneer spirit that has always been part of Aramco.”


Here are this year’s winners.

Safety Excellence

This year, Aramco recognized six organizations for their excellence in safety performance as well as efforts to drive continuous safety improvement. Criteria for these awards were determined by key performance indicators identified by Loss Prevention. 


The Northern Area Well Completion Operation Department, the Sea Water Injection Department, the Yanbu’ Refinery Department, and the Safaniyah Offshore Producing Department won gold awards for Best Performing Operating organizations, while the Northern Area Production Engineering Department and the Project Management Office Department won bronze awards for most improved organizations. 


Environmental Excellence

Aramco has a long track record of maintaining environmental safety in its operations, and this record continues through important initiatives to reduce emissions and promote a circular carbon economy. 


Six organizations received gold awards for innovations that could have dramatic environmental impacts, including: The Northern Area Workover Department for Best Performing Operating Organization, the Southern Area Well Completion Operations Department for Best Performing Service Organization, the Khurais Producing Department for Continuous Improvement Operating Organization, the Hawiyah Gas Plant Department for Best in Decarbonization for Gas Operations and NGL Recovery, the Abqaiq Plants Operations Department for Best in Decarbonization for Producing Operations, and the Yanbu’ NGL Fractionation Department for Best in Decarbonization for Global Manufacturing. 


Affiliates Excellence

Aramco’s growing network of refining and petrochemical affiliates and subsidiaries worldwide carry on the company’s dedication to safety and operational performance. This year, 10 companies were recognized with 14 awards for the Affiliates Excellence Award.


The gold award for Best Performance in Safety went to Luberef, with Motiva taking the silver award for most improved. The gold for Best Performance in Energy and Environment went to SASREF, with Motiva taking the silver for most improved. The Gold for Best Performance in Maintenance and Reliability went to SAMREF, with the silver going to SATORP. The gold award for Best Performance Operational Excellence for Operating organizations went to SATORP, with SASREF taking the silver for most improved. The gold for Best Performance Operational Excellence for Service organizations went to Marafiq, with SAAC taking the silver. The gold award for Best Performance in Cybersecurity for Operating organizations went to SASREF, with the silver going to YASREF. And the gold for Best Performance in Cybersecurity for Service Organizations went to Aramco Overseas Company, with the silver going to Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare. 

Maintenance and Reliability

Aramco’s ability to deliver energy reliably is built on years of planning, hard work, and a dedication to excellence, and the four organizations recognized this year have proven their value to the company promoting stewardship, driving performance through a competitive work environment, promoting benchmarking and knowledge sharing, and spreading awareness about the Saudi Aramco Maintenance Council’s initiatives and programs. 


The Abqaiq Plants Maintenance Department won the gold award for Operating Organizations, while the Sea Water Injection Department won silver. The Utilities and Facilities Services Department won the gold award and most improved for Service Organizations, while Marine won silver. 

Operational Excellence

In a fast-changing business environment driven by rapid technological innovation, organizations gain a competitive advantage by continuous improvement of their processes. This year, Aramco recognizes the top performing six Operating Facilities and Service Organizations that have successfully implemented Operational Excellence in their organization. 


For Operating Facilities, the Eastern Region Terminal Department won the gold award, the Wasit Gas Plant Department won the silver, and the Ras Tanura Refinery Department won bronze. For Service Organizations, the Marine Department received the gold award, Loss Prevention won the silver, and the Project Management Office Department won bronze. 

Employee Engagement

People are the company’s most valuable assets, and this year’s President’s Excellence Awards have recognized organizations that rose above their peers in driving employee engagement. 



The gold award for Employee Engagement went to the Unconventional Resources Exploration and Characterization Department, the silver went to the Unconventional Resources Producing Department, and the bronze went to the Yanbu’ Refinery Department. 

Cybersecurity Excellence

Like our affiliates, Aramco’s operating and service organizations have built strong cybersecurity systems to protect our operations, facilities and people. To emphasize the importance of cybersecurity, Aramco has added an additional award category to recognize the top-performing organizations who did the most to prevent cyberattacks. 


The North Ghawar Gas Producing Department won the gold award for operating facilities, with the Sea Water Injection Department and the Yanbu’ NGL and Fractionation Department winning the silver. The Process and Control Systems Department won the gold award for service organizations, while the Power Systems Technical Support Department and the Inspection Department won silver. 


In his closing remarks, Nasser said: “I am confident because of the people here in this room and the teams they represent. They are ready to think big, push boundaries, and achieve great things. That excellence, day in and day out, is what defines us and sets us apart. Thank you for your excellence, for your inspiration, and for your love of Aramco. We continue to thrive because of your commitment.” 


Caption for top photo: Amin Nasser speaks on the company’s heritage of excellence and its employees’ ceaseless drive to thrive under even the most adverse conditions.


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