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This Day in History (1985): 'Water Is Life. Save It. A Slogan to Remember

Aramcons of all ages learn the importance of water conservation in the Kingdom.

This Day in History (1985): 'Water Is Life. Save It. A Slogan to Remember

From the May 29, 1985, edition of The Arabian Sun

From 'Udhailiyah to Ras Tanura, Aramcons of all ages turned out May 11-17 for the company's first quad-area Water Conservation Week.


Many watched or participated in specifically organized soccer, racquetball, softball, or golf tournaments. Others toured Aramco water treatment plants or competed for a limited upply of caps, key chains, and T-shirts that will be carrying the "save water" appeal afield for months to come.


While the overriding tone of the week's activities was light and lively, the underlying theme was serious: "Water is life. Save it." Getting that message across has been a cooperative enterprise from the start.


"The overall efforts of Aramco residents, workers, many operating organizations and self-directed groups have contributed to the success of the company's water conservation program since its inception," said Ali M. Baluchi, general manager of Community Services Operations and chairman of the Water Conservation Committee.


"The success of the most recent Water conservation Week is a direct result of the sense of responsibility demonstrated by many dedicated Aramcons. We hope the desire to conserve water will be carried on."


Caption for top photo: As part of Aramco's Water Conservation Week, 'Udhailyah Water conservation Coordinator Cleve Pratt demonstrates the procedures for starting up Water Well 750 to 'Udhailiyah sixth-graders during a tour of the facility. Other scheduled activities for sixth- and eighth-grade students during the week included tours of the 'Udhailiyah drinking water and sewage treatment plants, and a talk on the "the water cycle in Saudi Arabia."


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