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This Day in History (1978): Zuluf GOSP-1 Progress: 12 Lifts in Nine Days

The new installation was a second-generation plant, a complete rebuilding of the original Zuluf GOSP-1.

This Day in History (1978): Zuluf GOSP-1 Progress: 12 Lifts in Nine Days

From the May 24, 1978, edition of The Arabian Sun

Twelve "big lifts" accomplished in the nine days preceding April 7 -- more than 5,000 tons in all -- put into place the major components of Zuluf GOSP-1, Aramco's third offshore gas-oil separation plant to be installed within two years.


Forecasts call for the GOSP to come on-stream in September.


Work offshore began in early January as the eight main piles of the production platform support structure were driven 60 feet into the seabed, and the insert piles, some going as deep as 260 feet, were drilled and grouted into place.


Water depth is approximately 100 feet at the location, 40 miles offshore from Safaniyah and about two miles from Zuluf GOSP-2.


The new installation is a second-generation plant, a complete rebuilding of the original Zuluf GOSP-1 that, in terms of the present operation has become obsolete.


Until two years ago, old Zuluf-1 was the gathering station for all Zuluf-Marjan crude.


In that capacity, it has been superseded by Zuluf GOSP-2 -- onstream since last July -- which is connected by 24-inch lines to both the new Zuluf GOSP-1 and Marjan GOSP-1. The production from all three GOSPs is pumped via a 48-inch pipeline to the onshore GOSPs.


Caption for the top photo: "Hercules," the biggest derrick barge in the Gulf, dwarfs the tugs and supply boat beside it when viewed from directly overhead the vessel's 315-foot 1,600-ton crane completes a lift at the new Zuluf GOSP-1. Adjacent to the main production platform at right is the jack-up barge "Wimbrown VII," currently quartering 261 men at work on the electrical and mechanical hook-up.


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