Our Initiatives

VIDEO: How do we achieve a realistic and inclusive energy transition?

We work toward meeting the energy demands of today while investing in lower-carbon energy solutions for tomorrow.

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The transition toward a lower-carbon future is multi-speed, complex, and requires all energy resources. We have established several initiatives to contribute to that, including:


Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

We are building with our partners one of the world’s largest CCS hubs in the Kingdom, storing up to 9 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year by 2027.


Synthetic Fuels

We are exploring the production of lower-carbon fuel with our partners as a “drop-in” technology, meaning they could be rolled out to the world’s existing automotive fleet.


More Efficient Engines

We are looking at enhanced ignition technology and alternative piston architecture, which could reduce CO2 emissions by 30%.


Lower-Carbon Hydrogen and Ammonia

We are targeting up to 11 million tons per annum of blue ammonia production by 2030.


We continue to invest in solutions with the aim to help reduce emissions and contribute to a lower-carbon future.


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