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This Day in History (1962): Walt Fisher Takes Abqaiq Golf Trophy

Tough weather didn't keep Aramcons from hitting the dusty fairways and "greens" of Ain Nakhl Golf Course.

This Day in History (1962): Walt Fisher Takes Abqaiq Golf Trophy

From the Feb. 21, 1962, edition of the Sun and Flare

Despite high winds and generally miserable weather, Walt fisher kep his game well under control last weekend at Ain Nahkl and took the Abqaiq Club Championship from Fred Waldron.


Stan Kiernowski and Parm Dovey will play the final round for first flight honors this week.


Jack Hume, hard-working president of the group, won the second flight from Richey Richardson to bring home a trophy. Ernie Thompson copped third flight honors with a win over Joe Frith.


In the fourth flight, Ray Jensen won over Bob Snee and Ed Osterhuber downed Red Byrne for the fifth flight victory.


The women's matches finals will be played this week. Helen Waldron and Jean Fisher will be battling for the championship crown, and Lee Sutherland and Marge Jensen slug it out in the first flight finals.


Meanwhile, Dhahran's Matt Krasowski gained his first club championship last Friday at Rolling Hills with his defeat of Chuck Conway, earning the coveted trophy on the eve of his departure from Saudi Arabia.


Krasowski, who helped design and build the course, played excellent golf throughout the tourney to show the gallery how his picture-book swing works.


Caption from top photo: Matt Krasowski, club champion, blasts out of a trouble spot alongside the ninth hole at Rolling Hills.


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