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This Day in History (1977): Rig of the Year

Locfo Orville Fisher rig wins competition for best rig of 1976.

This Day in History (1977): Rig of the Year

From the Jan. 26, 1977, edition of The Arabian Sun


Lofco's Orville Fisher drilled and completed 28 wells (22% of the total 126 wells drilled in 1976) to win the top position of the year in the drilling competition.


Running a close second for 1976 was Aramco Rig U-1, with less than one day separating it from the winner. The U-1, completing 18 wells (15% of the total drilling effort), also placed first in the fourth quarter, first in October, and second in November.


In third place was Santa Fe rig 94, finishing 24 days ahead of target. The Santa Fe rig placed second in the fourth quarter, first in November, second in October, and third in December.


Arabian Drilling Company Rig 3 placed third in the fourth quarter and first in December.


Santa Fe 102 was named the outstanding exploratory rig of the year, and the Aramco DP-2 rig was the top exploratory rig in the fourth quarter.


Caption for top photo: Lofco's Orville Fisher rig won the top position of the year in the 1976 drilling game competition. The photo above was taken on location in the Zuluf field. From left are Ben Kearny, Offshore Drilling and Workover superintendent; Roy Elliston, Lofco's rig superintendent; Mike Phillips, Aramco Drilling foreman; driller Don Janise and his Saudi drilling crew.


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