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This Day in History (1956): Two Sections In Dhahran Set Safety Records

Materials Supply and Traffic Department sections go years without a lost-time accident.

This Day in History (1956): Two Sections In Dhahran Set Safety Records

From the Jan. 25, 1956,  edition of the Sun and Flare

Two of "the most outstanding records ever attained" by sections of the Materials Supply and Traffic Department were recently by two sections of the Dhahran General Storehouse.


The Inventory and Systems section completed 2,070 days (over five years) without a lost-time accident and the Receiving and Shipping Section had 1,095 days (three years).


K.R. Webster, Dhahran District manager, presented the sections two safety awards on Thursday, Jan. 19, before more than 200 senior staff, intermediate and general employees.


C.F. Pitts accepted the award for Receiving and Shipping and Dave Constance for the Inventory and Systems Section.


Another award was presented Thursday to the Heavy Duty Garage, which completed one year without a lost-time accident.


Caption for top photo: Representatives of the Shipping section and the Inventory and Systems section of the Materials Supply and Traffic Department, Dhahran, proudly display safety plaques that were presented to them by K.R. Webster, Dhahran District manager, for outstanding safety records. Pictured from left are 'Abudllah ibn 'Isa, Mr. Webster, Ma'ana ibn Fureg, Dave Constance, N. Scardino, assistant District manager; F. P. McIntosh, general superintendent, MS and T; and Abdulla ibn Saif.


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