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This Day in History (1966): Dammam Boys' School

New Government Elementary School for Boys in South Dammam nears completion.

This Day in History (1966): Dammam Boys' School

From the Jan. 19, 1966, edition of the Sun and Flare


SCHEDULED FOR COMPLETION in March is the Dammam Government Elementary School for Boys, situated in South Dammam. This school, designed to accommodate 300 students, is on of 12 being constructed by Aramco in the Eastern Province in accordance with agreements with the Saudi Government.


All are scheduled for completion during 1966, and additional schools of this type are being planned for the future.


These schools will bring the number constructed by the company to 30, with a total design capacity of 8,220 students. 


Upon completion, the schools become part of the Saudi Arab Government school system.


Operating costs, however, are financed by Aramco.


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