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This Day in History (1995): Dhahran Health Exhibit Opens

Annul exhibition worked hard to help employees make the "smart move" toward better and healthy habits.

This Day in History (1995): Dhahran Health Exhibit Opens

From the Jan. 18, 1995, edition of The Arabian Sun

The 14th Annual Health Exhibition, held under the theme "Start Move," was inaugurated this past week by Nabil Al-Bassam, executive vice president of Finance and Relations, near Gate Four in the core area.


The event, which was coordinated by Health Education in collaboration with several medical and other departments, contains a wealth of information to encourage employees to make a "smart move" toward a better health regimen.


In the smoking section, visitors learned about the deadly hazards of cigarette and hubbly bubbly smoking, carbon monoxide testing, and tips on how to quit smoking.


Preventive measures for lead medicine and drug poisoning are vividly shown to educate people on how to avoid such health hazards.


The nutrition wheel informs employees about food, exercise, and energy expenditure in the most practical, easily obtained method.


At the fitness section, visitors could interact with computer programs, play the strength game, and test their health age. A living room setting with a couch, junk food, and VCR/TV playing fitness programs promotes fitness awareness messages.


Caption for top photo: The Dhahran Health Exhibition was inaugurated Jan. 14 by Nabil I. Al-Bassam, second from left, executive vice president of Finance and Relations. Here he is seen with Ahmad S. Humaid, right, senior vice president of Industrial Relations, and Ibrahim Al-Khowaiter, second from right, executive director of Medical Services.


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