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Week 2 in Review: Al-Gudaimi leaves with some advice, a closer look at the Jafurah project, and some of the good things going on at JHAH

Abdulaziz M. Al-Gudaimi is stepping down after four decades, most recently serving as executive vice president of Corporate Development.

Week 2 in Review: Al-Gudaimi leaves with some advice, a closer look at the Jafurah project, and some of the good things going on at JHAH

Retirements, mega-projects, cutting-edge health care, New Year’s resolutions and more mark this week’s look back at some of the important stories of the last few days.



Abdulaziz M. Al-Gudaimi reflects on four decades of experience

Weeks after his official retirement, former executive vice president of Corporate Development sat down with Aramco LIFE and The Arabian Sun to offers advice for fellow Aramcons.


Chief among them: As you progress in your career, you should also progress in your knowledge — keep learning, add new skills and gain additional certifications. “


And also, do the simple things; respect and trust your boss, be punctual and make good use of the time you are in the office — and be systematic by focusing on what you want to accomplish every five years,” he said.


Al-Gudaimi also highlighted the importance of relationships, emotional intelligence, and the importance of simply smiling at people.


And his parting advice? When your career ends, what remains is your family and friends. “These are the foundation of a contented life: The three ‘F’s — family, friends, and fun. If you treat family well, have a good social life, and have fun, every day is a great day!” 


Advancing nonmetallic initiatives in our Drilling and Workover operations


Jafurah: The jewel of our unconventional gas program

The development of the Jafurah unconventional gas field is one of the most ambitious projects in Aramco’s history. 


Covering an area of approximately 17,000 km2, the Jafurah basin presented a unique opportunity to build a large-scale project that aims to contribute to the energy transition.


Jafurah is the largest liquid-rich — containing condensates and Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) — shale gas play in the Middle East. Beneath its basin lies an estimated 200 trillion scf of natural gas — which can help reduce emissions and provide feedstock for lower-carbon future fuels.


Extracting large quantities of gas from an unconventional gas field requires both great technical and engineering expertise, and a long-term vision backed by investment.


Such is the enormous scale of the opportunity at Jafurah that $10 billion of contracts are already in place to develop the initial phase of the project.  


When completed, the Jafurah facility aims to ensure the reliable delivery of natural gas and condensates through a dedicated surface network. This network includes a gas processing plant, an NGL fractionation plant, a gas-compression system, and a network of around 1,500 kilometers of main transfer pipelines, flow lines, and gas-gathering pipelines.


JHAH: World class patient-centered care for our communities

Life-saving surgery?

Keyhole surgery?

Speech therapy?

Complex surgery?


These are just a few of the offerings of Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Company, joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Johns Hopkins Medicine. 


Committed to fostering an environment of growth and learning vital to the provision of innovative, integrated, and patient-centered care, JHAH’s offerings are available to Saudi Aramco employees and other eligible medical recipients.

Check out some of JHAH’s recent highlights. 


Galaxy Room reaches for the stars at Al-Midra 

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) Center’s Galaxy Room is a perfect marriage of calm aesthetic and knowledge sharing functionality, in a space where technology can do the talking. The room is a cutting-edge business center in service to the center’s focus on technology — an intimate space to host innovative knowledge sharing and idea generation sessions. 


Technical Services HR (TS HR) is ensuring the Galaxy Room fulfills its intended function as a space for ideas and tech to meet. In TS HR’s weekly “G-Talk” series, which started in September 2022, Aramco professionals working on technology applications are invited to address both a small, in-person audience, and a much larger virtual audience through a live-stream videocast. 


Abdulrahman A. Asiri, head of TS HR, noted that, “The Galaxy Room capabilities are enabling us to quickly adapt to changes in the work environment, engage a larger remote workforce with innovative ways to improve their learning experience, while delivering technical solutions to sustain the company’s business.”


Omar Naeem, a P&CSD senior data scientist and team lead for implementing machine learning for process automations, was the first G-Talk presenter hosted in the Galaxy Room. His knowledge sharing session on “Machine Learning for Process Operations” remains one of the series’ most popular sessions. 


“Aramco is globally known for oil and gas processes — we’re a process focused company,” said Naeem. “Machine learning is a very specific part of artificial intelligence utilizing models that continuously learn from process data. Machine learning is there to assist us at every level and improve our operations.” 


VIDEO: What is your New Year’s resolution?

From living healthier to procrastinating less, Aramco employees share their resolutions for the new year.


Watch the video to see what they say, and then share your resolutions.


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