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JHAH: World class patient-centered care for our communities

From complex surgeries to nutrition and health plans, Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare is committed to patient-centered care.

JHAH: World class patient-centered care for our communities

Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Company (JHAH) is a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Johns Hopkins Medicine. It is committed to fostering an environment of growth and learning, vital to the provision of innovative, integrated, and patient-centered care to Saudi Aramco employees and other eligible medical recipients.

Here, we take a look at some of JHAH’s recent highlights.


Complex surgery: Improved quality of life

JHAH’s Orthopedic Services team recently performed a complex surgery that significantly reduced the chronic hip pain of a patient born with a rare case of arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC), which causes joint contractures or stiffness. 


AMC caused an early deterioration of the employee’s left hip cartilage — but the surgery has enabled him to stand without pain. 


Yesterday, I went through a total hip replacement surgery after years of planning and consulting with experts. Today I stood up, putting all my weight on the artificial hip with no pain at all!
— Employee who had hip replacement surgery at JHAH


Dr. Mojieb Manzary, head of Orthopedics Services at JHAH, explained that after exhausting all non-operative treatment options — important especially in younger-aged patients — the surgery would play a significant role in improving the patient’s quality of life, relieving pain and improving his mobility.  


Life-saving surgery: Renewed purpose 

An employee underwent life-saving surgery performed by Dr. Salah Al-Akkad at JHAH, after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. 


The employee expressed his gratitude to Dr. Al-Akkad, as well as to JHAH’s radiation oncologist, Dr. Adnan Al Hebshi. “The decision that Dr. Al-Akkad made allowed me for the past 5-1/2 years to live and work for my family,” said the employee. “The blessing continued through the follow-up radiology treatment by Dr. Al Hebshi … allowing me to live with that revised purpose of my life.” 


I just don’t know how I can possibly express my gratefulness.
— Employee who had brain surgery at JHAH


“I cannot thank Dr. Al-Akkad and Dr. Al Hebshi enough for their perfect and sincere cure and care. The past 5 1/2-year journey was God’s blessing and was given to me by the hands of these physicians.” 


Keyhole surgery: Regional pioneer

JHAH orthopedic surgeon Dr. Syed Mohsin Ali recently performed advanced minimally invasive surgery (MIS, or “keyhole surgery”) to treat painful subtalar (foot joint) osteoarthritis that did not respond to more conservative treatment. 


The operation was JHAH’s first subtalar arthrodesis surgery, a procedure that is beneficial because of shorter recovery periods, fewer complications and a relatively simple postoperative process.  


Dr. Moshin Ali explained: "JHAH is a regional pioneer in using MIS on the foot and ankle. Our goal is to be a regional leader in this specialty, and this milestone is part of the growth and expansion plan we have for every orthopedic subspecialty in JHAH.” 


Speech therapy: Clearly successful

JHAH’s Speech Therapy Clinic continues to record striking successes, evidenced not least in the treatment of nearly 70 patients with speech fluency disorders since 2021 alone. 


A 10-year-old patient was recently refereed to JHAH, after being misdiagnosed with selective mutism. Following a deep case history analysis and comprehensive assessment, JHAH speech therapist Nasser Alqahtani began treatment, first by educating the patient and her parents about stuttering.


After her first session, the patient felt a noticeable difference in her speech and expressed interest in continuing her therapy. After just 12 weekly sessions, she spoke three words per sentence without noticeable stuttering.


Diabetes: Turning lives around

An employee has completed a 12-month Tawazon program recently, and thanks to support from the JHAH Population Health Team, effected noticeable positive changes in his overall health and lifestyle. 


The program helped me focus on coaching to adopt a proper lifestyle, empowering me to make healthy, nutritious food choices, and adopt activities that promote wellness and help me avoid disease.
— Employee who completed 12-month Tawazon diabetes-prevention program


Tawazon is a diabetes prevention program that helps participants modify their lifestyles to prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes and other health-related conditions. It provides a structured awareness platform for patients who have a high probability of developing diabetes. 


To find out more, visit: www.jhah.com.


Caption for top photo: A 10-year-old patient participates in a weekly session to help eliminate her stutter.


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