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This Day in History (1978): Kelberer Assumes Board Chairman, CEO Posts

John J. Kelberer began his career with the company when he joined the Trans-Arabian Pipeline Company in 1950.

This Day in History (1978): Kelberer Assumes Board Chairman, CEO Posts

From the front page of the Jan. 4, 1978, edition of The Arabian Sun

John J. Kelberer, Aramco's senior vice president of Operations since 1975, was elected chairman of the board and designated the company's chief executive officer at the recent board of directors meeting held in London.


At that same time, R.W. Powers, Aramco president since 1973, was elected vice chairman of the board. Both elections became effective Jan. 1


At a meeting of the shareholders, R.C. Shields was elected an Aramco director from Texaco, replacing L.W. Folmear, who is retiring. Also, F.B. Fugate, senior vice president of Project Management and Contruction, was elected a director, and R.P. Wohlgethan was elected comptroller.


Kelberer's designation as chief executive officer culminates a career that began when he joined the Trans-Arabian Pipe Line company (Tapline) as a communications engineer in 1950, after receiving his bachelor of science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.


Kelberer transferred to Aramco in December 1971 as acting general manager of Government Relations. Following an assignment in New York as general manager, Oil and Materials Supply, he returned to Dhahran in April 1874 as a company vice president and director. he was named a senior vice president in 1975.


Caption for top photo: John J. Kelberer and R.W. Powers.


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