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This Day in History (1997): Al-Khowaiter Retires from Petroleum Engineering

With more than 32 years at Aramco, Othman H. Al-Khowaiter calls it a career.

This Day in History (1997): Al-Khowaiter Retires from Petroleum Engineering

From the Jan. 1, 1997 edition of The Arabian Sun


Othman H. Al-Khowaiter retires today after more than 32 years with Saudi Aramco.


Al-Khowaiter joined the Producing Department as a petroleum engineer in 1964, following graduation from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor of science degree in petroleum engineering.


In 1980, Al-Khowaiter was promoted to manager of the Quarayyah Seawater Plant, and in 1981, transferred to the Abqaiq Producing Operations department as manager. He became the general manager of Abqaiq Producing in 1982, Safaniyah Producing in 1986, and Drilling and Workover in 1990. He was named vice president of Petroleum Engineering and Development in January of 1996.


The most rewarding experience during his assignments was the teamwork he was able to establish among the various groups with whom he had the pleasure to work.


Al-Khowaiter intends to keep busy walking (last year he walked from Ras Tanura to Dhahran) and farming, and said he is willing to provide free consultation on caring for palm trees.


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