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This Day in History (1965): Abqaiq Drilling Does It Again

A year of accomplishment is capped off by drilling records.

This Day in History (1965): Abqaiq Drilling Does It Again

From the Dec. 29, 1965, edition of the Sun and Flare


Drilling records continue to fall in the Abqaiq Drilling Division, as November's record drilling time for Shedgum Well-32 of 11.8 days was bettered three times in December in land wells, and a new offshore drilling record was established.


Shedgum Well-37, drilled by the National 80-2 rig, was spudded on Nov. 23, and the rig released on Dec. 4 after drilling to a depth of 7,028 feet in 11.2 days


Shedgum Well-33, spudded on Dec. 18 and rig released on Dec. 27, reached a depth of 6,601 feet in 9.4 days, but by that time, a better record has been established at Shedgum Well-31, which between Dec. 6 and Dec. 15, was drilled to a depth of 6,584 feet in 9.2 days, the standing record to date for land wells.


All three wells were drilled by the same crew.


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