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This Day in History (1956): Special Lifesaver Award to John Pokryska

Dual rescue by an Aramco camp supervisor in Abqaiq is lauded.

This Day in History (1956): Special Lifesaver Award to John Pokryska

From the Dec. 26, 1956, edition of the Sun and Flare

John Pokryska, camp supervisor, was presented with the Aramco Meritorious Service Award at the December management dinner in Abqaiq for reviving two fire-fighters, overcome by smoke fumes at the railroad station fire at Haradh Camp.


D.N. Ezzell, district manager, who made the presentation, outlined the details of the dual rescue. Upon arrival at the fire, Pokryska, found Saleh bin Abdul Aziz, railroad employee, unconscious due to his fire-fighting activities.


Applying artificial respiration, Pokryska revived the man only to find that a second victim of smoke fumes, Pietro Agosto, antoher employee of the railroad, needed his assistance.


Reviving him, Pokryska obtained ambulance service for the two from the 'Uthmaniyah Camp and then finished the night in an attempt to get the fire under control.


Caption for top photo: John Pokryska, right, is congratulated by Abqaiq's District Manager D.N. Ezzell on receiving on Aramco Meritorious Service Award.


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