This Day in History

This Day in History (1967) Ready for Occupancy

Western-style residences come to al-Khobar.

This Day in History (1967) Ready for Occupancy

From the Dec. 20, 1967, edition of the Sun and Flare


Al-Firdoss Residence, a new compound of modern rental units in al-Khobar, was officially opened late last month by owners Abih B. al-Sabih and Jasim M. al-Mohaidib. 


Situated in northwest al-Khobar, the compound is adjacent to the al-Siddiq Elementary Boys School, seen in the foreground.


A children's playground and tennis courts are at the northern end of the project, which consists of 53 Western-style residences. The owners will provide continued maintenance and management of the property.


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