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This Day in History (1966): New Qatif find

An ancient ashlar with Aramaic script was found somewhere near al-'Awwamiyah.

This Day in History (1966): New Qatif find

From the Dec. 7 edition of the Sun and Flare


A limestone ashlar measuring 53 x 53 x 20 centimeters with what is thought to be an Aramaic script was found recently in the Qatif Oasis. The 'Umdah of Qatif, Shayk Muhammad al-Faris, reported the stone was found somewhere near al-'Awwamiyah. 


The inscription was put under immediate study, but unfortunately, the stone was eroded on the sides and its face was worn off in many places. It was holed in the lower part and plastered in such a manner that the inscription was partly obliterated.


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