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This Day in History (1985): New LPG Loading Facility Goes into Operation at Qatif

The plant included four large LPG spheres, four bays for loading trucks, a modern control room, maintenance shop, and more.

This Day in History (1985): New LPG Loading Facility Goes into Operation at Qatif

From the Dec. 4 edition of The Arabian Sun


Local customers probably don't know it, but the LPG (liquid petroleum gas) they're buying these days for cooking and heating has probably had first-class handling at a spanking new LPG-loading facility near Qatif.


Built, operated, and maintained by Aramco for Petromin, the hydrocarbons-marketing agency of the Kingdom, the facility is at the end of a 10-inch diameter pipeline carrying a stream of LPG -- a mixture of propane and butane — under Tarut Bay from the Ras Tanura Refinery where it is produced.


The new plant began operation Sept. 3, replacing an LPG-loading facility at Ras Tanura that was more than a quarter century old.


The facility includes four large LPG spheres, four bays for loading tanker trucks, a modern control room, a maintenance shop, advanced safety systems, and a 1.5-megawatt backup generator in case of an electricity loss.


Located west of the highway between Dhahran and Ras Tanura, the plant is highlighted by its silver LPG spheres. 


The 75,000-barrel liquid-gas capacity facility is staffed around the clock by a total of 20 Aramco operators.


Caption for top photo: A pair of the four liquid petroleum gas (LPG) spheres at the new Qatif LPG-Loading Facility are bordered by tanker-truck loading bay girders and piping at the plant.


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