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This Day in History (1956): The Industrial Training Center in full swing

Just one year after opening, the center offered courses to nearly 1,500 Saudis in a wide field of subjects.

This Day in History (1956): The Industrial Training Center in full swing

Featured in the Nov. 28 edition of the Sun and Flare:


The Industrial Training Center, opened in July of 1955 as a part of the Dhahran Training Department, provides trainingg for approximately 1,390 Saudi employee-trainees on both an assigned and a volunteer basis.


The program, offered by the Center, includes courses in Arabic and English typing, basic and advanced English, mathematics and science, and business training.


Courses offered on assigned time are those that are deemed desirable for the improvement of Saudi employees in their present positions or for their preparation for future work assignment.


Caption for the top photo: The Industrial Training Center in Dhahran as it appeared in November of 1956.


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