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This Day in History (2002): Golf course going green

At the Rolling Hills Country Club, excitement abounds as the fairways go from beige to green.

This Day in History (2002): Golf course going green

From the November 27, 2002 edition of The Arabian Sun


If you've driven by the Rolling Hills Country Club on Rolling Hills Boulevard in Dhahran recently, then you've seen plenty of activity -- trucks unloading heaps of sand, water shooting from high-powered sprinklers and newly planted palm trees.


A slow change is taking place, and it's an exciting prospect for Aramco golfers.


Check out the proposed look of Dhahran's three nine-hole courses, and you'll see that they are starting to green.


Founded in 1949, the country club's original golf course was built off the Dhahran-al-Khobar road. After the country club moved to its current location in the Dhahran community, the South and West courses were built in 1973, incorporating the area's rocky terrain.


The East course opened in 1979, giving golfers a choice of three challenging courses.


None of this would be possible without the availability of water. The July 2001 expansion of the Dhahran Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant increased the capacity from 3.5 million to 10 million gallons per day, providing the additional treatment capacity needed to supply reclaimed water to the golf course.


Caption for top photo: Work on one of Dhahran's community golf courses is shown as grass takes hold. Here, one grassed-in area gets some final touches.


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