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Your Voice: With great power comes even greater responsibility

Keep your hands off the mobile device at all times when driving.

Your Voice: With great power comes even greater responsibility

The widespread use of mobile phones, coupled to the seemingly endless advancement in their technological capabilities, has brought unquestionable joy and efficiencies to millions of people across the globe. 


Similarly, the accessibility of private transportation — particularly cars — has made the world a smaller place, contributing to “bigger lives.” Friends and family, work opportunities, and shopping and leisure facilities are more easily reached than ever before. 


Mobiles and cars, it might be said, have brought power to the people. It follows that with great power comes even greater responsibility. But despite the concerted efforts of safety experts and governments to raise awareness of the dangers of driving while using a mobile phone, the problem persists.


Let’s be clear: a driver, by placing a hand on his or her mobile device while operating a vehicle, has taken the first step on a potential path to destruction. Not just for themselves, but for others, too. Research shows that using a phone while driving can make drivers four times more likely to crash. Driving while distracted can result in a wide range of errors — including poor lane discipline, a failure to see road signs and warnings, and a dangerous lack of awareness of other road users – many of which may prove fatal.


Using a mobile when driving includes texting, browsing, and even photographing, not solely talking. Even speaking on a device using a hands-free facility can be distracting and lead to catastrophic consequences.


Drivers need to make up their mind whether they are really prepared to silently steal the safety and security from all road users. Misplaced confidence can result in recklessness and misery for the driver and all those around them.


Do not underestimate the impact of using a phone when driving — not just on the road of your journey, but on the path of your life. There is nothing more valuable than preserving human life. Please play your part in helping to raise awareness.  


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