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Your Voice: Nothing can hold you back if you’re in it to win it

Though we can’t always change our circumstance, we can always choose how to respond to it.

Your Voice: Nothing can hold you back if you’re in it to win it

Imagine, it’s the last month of your graduation year, and you have two more final exams to go. The  stress is unspeakable, but you keep studying and nothing seems to work well for you. Ultimately, the results are announced and you indeed failed one of the courses.


Imagine another scenario: You’ve been saving money for the past six years and you are planning to keep doing so for the next 10 years of your life. But suddenly, your father gets into a very bad financial situation and you can’t stand by and watch him suffer, so you decide to give him all you have with no hesitation.


Now imagine a very close friend betrays you, “stabbing” you in the back. This is someone you used to call a “best friend,” the person you told all your secrets to. The one you shared your weakness and heartbreaks with, the one you fully trusted.


Any of these situations can break you down, causing you to slide into a state of depression. You can feel that your world has come to an end. That you are made for no purpose. You start asking yourself, how can I pass the final exams without failing? Or how can I start making up the money I lost? 


These circumstances can happen to anyone! But you can defeat each one of them, by believing that your life has been written on a board before the day you were born. You can’t change what will go wrong, but you can respond to these negative circumstances by fighting back. You can use all your strength and step forward.


When bad feelings come to you, saying you can’t do this, you have the choice to push back against those dark thoughts. Saying otherwise will only hold you back.


Dark thoughts don’t define you. You will pass the course you failed this year. You can start saving again at the next opportunity you have. You certainly can find another trustful friend, who will be better than the last. Every situation that you experience in life is an indication to build something in you. It will give you a thicker skin to accept whatever comes next. Something that can make you stronger, wiser, and a fighter. 


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