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Week 41 in Review: The future of drilling, sustainable recovery, and time to get your Aramco Aston-Martin gear

Drilling and Workover’s Drilling Innovation Technical Symposium and Exhibition examines cutting-edge technologies that are transforming the industry.

Week 41 in Review: The future of drilling, sustainable recovery, and time to get your Aramco Aston-Martin gear

Aramco conducted its first-ever Drilling Innovation Technical Symposium and Exhibition, focusing on the challenges and opportunities new technology has brought to the industry in recent years.


This was just one of the several stories that made big news over the past week.


An inside look at the future of drilling

From subsea exploration vehicles, to fully automated rigs receiving materials deliveries from drones — an Aramco hosted drilling conference has offered a unique glimpse into a technology and innovation driven future.


The inaugural Drilling Innovation Technical Symposium & Exhibition (DITS&E) drew Aramco’s Drilling & Workover (D&WO) together with its major partners, including SANAD, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, TAQA, NESR, and Weatherford under the banner theme “Shaping Drilling Through Innovation.”


That theme infused a large swathe of the ground floor of an al-Khobar area hotel, which was transformed by a digitized and interactive exhibition space showcasing the latest technological breakthroughs in drilling.


“Our industry is facing totally different challenges today,” Abdul Hameed A. Alrushaid, vice president of D&WO for Aramco, told the audience. “And companies will have to adapt quickly to leverage technologies to be able to solve the complex challenges.”


‘Sustainable Recovery — Transforming the Industry for the Future’ focus of annual SPE technical conference and exhibition

The world’s largest upstream oil and gas professional organization took on the challenge of navigating today’s energy transition with confidence and resolve as solution providers during this year’s Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) in Houston.


Aramco engineers and researchers were on hand to provide information on what the company is doing now, and in the future, to be a safe, reliable, affordable, and sustainable provider of energy. 


With more than 35 technical papers and in-booth presentations from researchers, the topics demonstrated our core competency in exploration and production with a look forward to advances in new technical solutions to support the industry’s net-zero emission goals.


Also, Ghaithan A. Al-Muntasheri, chief technologist, EXPEC ARC, was recognized with an SPE Distinguished Service Award for his devotion and contributions to the organization. 


Aramcon Michael Manibo wins Saudi National Day quiz grand prize

In the nine-day Aramco Life Saudi National Day Quiz, there were many winners. But the employee who emerged as the Grand Prize winner was Michael G. Manibo, an assistant engineer in the Operational Excellence and Compliance Group Division of the Community and Public Projects Department. 


Manibo was one of more than 5,340 participants overall in the quiz, one of the 3,814 who participated on the first day, and one of 1,500 employees who participated each day. And when Aramco Life randomly selected one name out of the 362 employees who answered the quiz question correctly, nine days in a row, Manibo’s name was the one that was selected. 


Making mental health a priority

Environmental Protection is marking World Mental Health Day for the company's contractor workforce today (Oct. 10) by raising awareness through the Well-being online platform earlier this year.


The online platform also gives access to video counseling services, a 24/7 hotline, and WhatsApp service to allow contractor employees to talk with qualified counsellors in confidence and free of charge in seven different languages. 


At the same time, EP partnered with Downstream and Project Management in the Jazan area to carry out on-site awareness sessions from Oct. 2-6, covering a wide range of mental health-related topics such as anxiety, stress, and depression, while also undertaking mental well-being assessments of contractor employees.


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