Energy Transition

VIDEO: Learn more about how we are supporting a more inclusive energy transition

Providing affordable conventional energy, reducing our carbon footprint, and developing lower-carbon energy solutions.

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We support the energy transition in three strategic areas.


1. Providing supplies of ample and affordable conventional energy over the long term by increasing capacity to 13 million barrels a day by 2027, growing gas production, potentially increasing it by more than 50% through 2030.


2. Further reducing our carbon footprint by aiming to lower upstream carbon intensity, gas flaring, and methane intensity working toward advancing key enabling technologies like CCUS advancing direct capture of CO2 from the air, and circular carbon economy technologies showcasing the potential non-combustible uses of oil, such as chemicals .


3. Steadily working on adding new, lower-carbon energy solutions to our portfolio like blue hydrogen, blue ammonia, renewables, electro-fuels. 


We advance potential solutions and technologies to support a more sustainable and inclusive energy future.


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