Beach Cleanup

Helping hands help cleanup Ras Tanura beach under theme 'Clean Seas and Clean Shores'

More than 65 volunteers participate in 2021 RT Beach Cleanup Day.

Helping hands help cleanup Ras Tanura beach under theme 'Clean Seas and Clean Shores'

Working toward Aramco’s goal to be a leader in environmental stewardship, the company’s Marine Department and the Ras Tanura Refinery (RTR) jointly hosted the “2021 RT Beach Cleanup Day” under the theme of “Clean seas and clean shores.” 


The event, which was held on Nov. 9, attracted more than 65 volunteers from both organizations and covered a section of approximately 1.5 kilometers along the Ras Tanura beach. 


The goal was to increase awareness and establish environmental friendly habits striving to keep our beaches clean. The activities started with briefings, providing an overview of the campaign and safety tips for participants to ensure safe and enjoyable activities.


The event was inaugurated by Abdullah O. Al-Tewairqi, Marine Department manager, and Abdulsalam A. Alsaif, RTR Operations manager. 


One very simple thing we all can do is to promote a clean and safe environment ensuring the tidiness of our beaches.
— Abdullah O. Al-Tewairqi 


Putting our effort together in the field of environment protection, with no doubt, will lead us to a better environment to live and work in. Coastal waste is not only harmful to people in the community, but it also affects marine life,” Alsaif said during the inaugural speech.


One of the biggest challenges is preventing the polluting of our oceans and beaches. Such pollution endangers the habitat of various marine creatures and birds. Plastic, a very toxic and harmful element, is already present in all levels of the food chain due to such pollution. Therefore, it is very important to support programs that minimize environmental issues and help keep our beaches clean and safe.


This event was concluded with a message from Al-Tewairqi, emphasizing on Aramco’s commitment toward protecting the environment in general, and with special attention to the sea environment, where a significant part of the company operations take place. 


He also added, “The enthusiasm demonstrated by participants is a clear message of their environmental stewardship, interest, and high awareness in supporting such initiatives and everyone is equally responsible to contribute to the national and global efforts that are underway at Aramco for the purpose of maintaining a clean environment for generations to come.”


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